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Our Passion Takes Us To New Heights

Kahane & Associates, P.A. is a full-service law firm that strictly represents secured and unsecured creditors throughout the entire State of Florida. The Firm provides the full range of services essential to the mortgage banking industry, from foreclosure and bankruptcy representation to litigation, evictions, collections, loss mitigation, and REO closings. 


Our Firm’s operating philosophy, goals, and values set us apart from other firms in the industry.  Our operating philosophy is simple and straightforward: a business-minded, full-service law firm that consistently delivers efficient, high-quality legal services while always striving to provide added value to our clients.  


Our Firm reaches beyond the traditional legal advisor role by incorporating a business-minded approach to our practice. As business-minded attorneys, we are dedicated to finding innovative ways to assist our clients in significantly reducing the costs of default servicing.  To this end, we stand committed to devoting a considerable amount of time and capital to the ongoing development of new technologies and systems designed to increase efficiencies and streamline the legal process, directly impacting our clients' bottom line.


While the use of new technologies will keep us on the cutting edge, the primary goal of our Firm will always remain simple: providing our clients with the highest quality legal representation and the finest personal service in the industry.  Our goal will consistently be achieved through our commitment to the following cornerstones of our legal practice:


  • Deployment of cost-effective, bottom-line strategies in providing legal services.

  • Utilization of an ideal staffing model where a tailor-made, fully integrated team of highly skilled and experienced professionals will have personal responsibility for serving a specific client.

  • Laser-focus on protecting its representative clients’ global brand and promoting the continuum of an exceptional customer experience during all phases of the collection process.

  • Working collaboratively with both its clients and the judiciary alike to help ensure consumer protections are balanced with the creditors’ rights.

  • Fostering close client communications at all times in an effort to streamline the default servicing process and reduce costs.

  • Remaining accessible to clients twenty-four (24) hours a day, seven (7) days a week

  • Maintaining ongoing comprehensive training programs for both our clients and the Firm.


The result of our commitment is not only the very highest standard of legal counsel but uncommon concern for various aspects of our client's business and measurable improvement in efficiency.


We are confident that our Firm Commitment leaves us well-positioned to provide unparalleled legal representation and superior service.

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